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18 Holy Steps and Significance / Stotras & Pujas

  1. 1st step- Getting knowledge and consciousness to make think is called first step.
  2. 2nd step- The bhakters ultimate consciousness is second step. Dvaita & advaita are same. Advaita means God & Dvaita means soul.
  3. 3rd step- vision or insight, imagination, understand, act, excercise, law to be connected with intellect.
  4. 4th step- pure consciousness image of knowledge it refers.
  5. 5th step- not in pure form & enlightened like bhagavathi gods form.
  6. 6th – past several births (purva janam) goodness if we climb sixth step and we can see lord shiva.
  7. 7th step- will-power, we will have will-power to get god blessing
  8. 8th step- yaga inner form. rahoyagam.
  9. 9th step- supreme celestial light , “paramjyothis” in order today also “makara jyothi” is seen.
  10. 10th step- meditating and knowing universal supreme lord.
  11. 11th step- ascetic meditating. God and devotee uniting.
  12. 12th step- samadhi non dualistic state of consciousness.
  13. 13th step- atma, soul changes happens.
  14. 14th step- supreme brahma, indicates knowledge person god subramanian. Ultimate supreme brahma is also called this step.
  15. 15th step- nadabrahma means ecstasy continues.
  16. 16th step- jyothiswarupa- illumination of god. A supreme effulgence, the proper form of god.
  17. 17th step- trigunathitha means tri characters of god
  18. 18th step – which is considered as parama feet- the ultimate supreme feet of lord ayyappa swamy.