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Our Facilities


Meditation is an approach to training the mind, similar to the way that fitness is an approach to training the body.

Multimedia Facilities

SAIS are all equipped with state of the art, networked and multimedia computers. These facilities provides easy access to further research and learning at your finger tip.


Tamil is the language spoken in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. There are three main category of Tamil music – devotional, classical and folk music

Mindfulness Centre

SAIS developed methods to practice mindfulness, calm and resilience.Mindfulness can develop greater resilience. Supported by ongoing practice most people gain lasting benefits,energy and enthusiasm.Greater capacity for relaxation,more self-confidence and an increased ability to handle difficult situations.

Space for Rent

Ideal for various events, training, birthday event,ear piercing ceremony,baby shower ceremony,workshops & product launch.Book a Visit Now!


The library is an integral part of SAIS in fulfilling its objectives to promote learning, study, practice and understanding of Ayappan’s teachings. It provides correct and quality learning resources and materials to support educational programmes offered by SAIS.Thus, the Library is an important component in making SAIS a centre of excellence.